Elevate Your Wedding Venue Business with a Fractional Sales Team!

Are you a wedding venue owner looking to steer your business towards financial success while maintaining your creative focus? 

Our Fractional Sales Team services are tailor-made for you. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of the wedding industry, and we are here to provide you with expert financial guidance for you and your sales team that complements your vision.

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Why Choose Our Wedding Venue 

Fractional Sales Team Services?

Running a wedding venue involves much more than just creating a magical setting – it requires consistent Sales & Marketing Strategy unique to the Wedding Industry. And it takes a Team of Wedding Industry Experts! Our Fractional Sales Team services bring you savvy and cutting-edge sales & marketing expertise that you need, without the commitment of a full-time employee. Here's how we can empower your business:


In-Person Venue Visit

We believe in understanding your business from the ground up. That's why our package starts with an in-depth site visit to your wedding venue. We'll immerse ourselves in your unique wedding venue, enabling us to provide tailored sales & marketing advice that resonates with your brand identity. I will also train your sales team in person and on the ground while at your venue! 



Weekly Coaching Calls

Our Fractional Sales Director, Kristen Leen, provides one-on-one weekly coaching calls and a series of Online Courses to train you and your entire team in Venue Sales Strategy. We will perform a Sales Audit and then track Key Performance Indicators to determine precisely where your team needs to improve their sales skills. We will discuss your financial concerns, address your sales questions, and provide strategic insights to enhance your decision-making process. Think of us as your financial thinking partner, dedicated to your wedding venue's success!


Lead Management

As your Fractional Sales Team we can manage incoming leads and nurture them into tours and bookings! We will optimize your CRM and provide a hybrid solution of both personal touch and automation to your sales pipeline. You get to focus on giving a great tour while we do the rest!



Digital Ad Management

The Knot & Wedding Wire just don't cut it any more. As a Venue Owner you need to provide a variety of Digital Marketing to attract your clients to your website to fill the top of your venue sales funnel. Understanding your Website Analytics is paramount to making informed choices. We'll provide you with a comprehensive analysis, unlocking valuable insights that will direct you on where to spend your Wedding Venue Marketing Budget and Manage your Ads should you choose to use Google and/or Facebook & Instagram Ads. 


Graphic Design for Digital Marketing Materials 

In the digital age, captivating marketing materials are a necessity. Our Fractional Sales Director services extend beyond finance – we will create stunning Digital Brochures, Welcome Packets, Menus and Guides, ensuring they resonate with your target audience and drive bookings.



Website Revisions

Your website is often the first point of contact for potential clients. Wedding Venue Websites are no longer static tools, you must frequently and strategically update your website to keep up with the digital world that our wedding couples desire. Our expert team will revamp your website copy to effectively communicate your value proposition, turning visitors into leads and leads into raving clients.


Photo & Social Media Management

Today's Couples are Digital Natives and Social Media Obsessed! In order to Sell Your Wedding Venue, you need an arsenal of Photos of your venue for inspiration, aspiration and excitement. Couples find it difficult to envision your space without amazing professional photography. We will curate images from the photographers at your events, plan styled shoots, create a database of images you can easily locate to use on tours and in advertising, create a scheduled social media calendar with posts for 3 months at a time. So you can sit back and enjoy watching all the gorgeous events being shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!" 

Flexible Pricing Structure

We believe in offering premium services that are both impactful and accessible. Our Fractional Sales Director services are available at various levels starting at $1,000 per month after start up fees.  After a 90 Day commitment, you have the flexibility to continue on a month-to-month basis.

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Fractional Venue Sales Team: 

Starting at $1,000 per month 

Sales Director: 

  • Weekly Sales Team Meetings to Coach You & Review Your Sales Pipeline
  • Access to All Venue Training Courses
  • Pipeline Oversight: Sales Support as Needed 
  • Monthly Sales Reports 
  • Quarterly Sales Audits
  • Bi-Annual Marketing Audits
  • First Month includes:
    • Sales & Marketing Audit
    • 1 day site visit (plus the cost of travel)
    • CRM Customization & Automation

Sales Lead Manager

  •  Lead Management:

    • Respond to all Inquiries
    • Book Tours
    • Help Close Contracts

Social Media Manager

  • Manage Social Media (Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook) 
    • Collect and Manage all Images 
  • Manage Website (1 Blog Post per month) 
    • Minor Edits to Copy and Image Changes
    • 1 Blog Post per month 

Digital Ad Manager

  • Setup and Management Google My Business
    • GMB is a Mini Website and a Portal to Finding Your Website on Google
    • Manage Google Search Console
    • Manage Google Reviews 
    • Set Up & Manage Google Analytics
    • Setup and Manage Google Ads and FB Ads
Connect with Kristen

I'm Kristen Leen

An Event Sales Professional with over 18 years of sales experience

Eleven of those years in weddings & event sales. I have managed four wedding & event venues and helped many more venue owners increase their revenue and structure their business so they feel more organized in the chaos of this industry! In the beginning we all run around giving so many tours, spending all the marketing dollars we can and doing any event that will fill a date. This leads to getting burned out and wondering if this really was a good investment after looking at the bottom line. But there is a better way! I want to help venue owners take back their business by creating structure and cash flow so that they enjoy their clients and the events they host at their gorgeous properties.