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"Let's Sell & Grow Your Venue Together!" - Kristen Leen

A little bit about me... 

I am Kristen Leen and I help wedding venue owners live better lives and build better businesses through one-on-one consulting and virtual assistant services.

After 10 years in the wedding industry managing three wedding venues, I found I loved helping venue owners create their venue’s full potential through careful strategy. At each venue I more than doubled their annual income, and I am now helping venues across the country to do the same.

Your venue goals and challenges are unique. I customize each consultation to create actionable steps you can do now!

Fractional Sales Team

A program  aims to help venue owners reach their wildest revenue goals imaginable without increasing dramatic overheads so they can enjoy their profits!

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Venue Training Program

A program that will help you have a blueprint to follow that guarantees to make your venue booked and busy!

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Sell and Grow Your Venue Through Our Online Courses

A series of online courses that aims to help you grow and sell you venue through correct pricing, bar revenue, marketing sales, and operations. 

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One-on-One Consulting

I work with Venue Owners and Operators in one-on-one consultations that specifically address your Wedding Venue's needs in areas of Pricing, Sales Marketing, Operations, & Mindset. Through this creative partnership, we will break boundaries and reach your next level of success! 


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I have been a professional speaker for over 16 years with a range of speaking abilities from giving seminars to small groups, teaching at universities and speaking at virtual and in person conferences. My favorite topics to speak on are Sales, Marketing, & Abundance Mindset, but I have a variety of topics that I can speak about as it relates to the hospitality industry.

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"We are a brand new wedding and event venue that started taking bookings in February 2021 (Yes! Right before COVID) Thankfully months before then, I had reached out to Kristen to assist me with preparing our packages and various documents for our business. The wisdom and knowledge I was able to glean from her during those sessions is one of the reasons I believe we were able to thrive during one of the greatest pandemics to hit our country. She was thorough, organized, prepared, and purposeful in all of our sessions. She prepared me, and our startup business, for success and since taking bookings in February 2021, we have booked over 45 weddings. I am very thankful for every session with Kristen and you will be too! "

Karen Hornsby
Venue Owner at The Majestic Oaks in Vernon, FL

"I reached out to Kristen for advice in setting our bar pricing as we brought bar services in-house. Her industry experience proved very helpful with a variety of issues that we faced as relatively new venue owners. She was knowledgeable, responsive, and encouraging - just what we needed!"

Margie Schloesser & Tom Green
Owners at The Jefferson in Oxford, MS

"Kristen was wonderful to work with! She was hands-on and answered our questions promptly. Understanding how to utilize a Market Research study properly was a much-needed tool we didn't know we needed. Her explanations were concise and easy to apply. Looking the other way will not get you more bookings! "

Patti & Larry Emanuel
Venue Owners at Emery's Buffalo Creek in Bellville, Texas

"Kristen Leen has been an invaluable source of advice for my venue over the years. She has assisted when issues have arisen with unhappy clients, helped facilitate vendor relationships, giving advice on Covid-19 policies and best practices, and advised me on appropriate pricing structures for our area and venue. Her vast knowledge of the industry never ceases to amaze me and has helped both my company and me personally to grow."

Amanda Peoples
Venue Owner at Walnut Hill in Raleigh, NC

"Kristen was a Godsend for us when we opened our venue! She knows the venue business inside and out and could back up all of her suggestions with statistical numbers, just what we needed! She's clear, concise, extremely patient, and a joy to work with!"

Martin & Sheila Persson
Owners at The Carolina Estate in Roxboro, NC

"Kristen's expertise is invaluable! Even with 10 years of venue experience myself, I frequently relied on guidance and feedback from Kristen when opening my own business. She has a great understanding of what clients want and look for in a venue along with vast knowledge of event operations + logistics. She is very communicative, replying quickly to any and all questions. My husband and I are so grateful to have had her help setting our venue up for success!"

Chelsea Hand
Venue Owner at The Maxwell in Raleigh, NC

"Kristen Leen is amazing! She provided us with tremendous value as a business consultant for wedding venues. Her advice was invaluable in helping us establish a solid base for our operations and increase sales at The Sapp House. We are raving fans of Kristen's work and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in this area. Thank you, Kristen, for all your help!"

KevIn Wattenberg
Co-Owner of The Sapp House in Panama City, FL

"I cannot say enough good things about Kristen Leen with Event Sales Pro. I reached out to Kristen (with a strong venue industry recommendation) to consult for me and my husband when vetting out our plans this year to start up a new event venue in central North Carolina. In our very first conversation together I was 100% positive that we had found the very best professional to help carefully guide us and lead us down the path to success. Our personalities immediately clicked and I feel that she has treated our project with the care and attention to detail that she would if it were her very own venue. She has been so prompt and efficient in every conversation and correspondence. She has a delightful mix of honesty, integrity and kindness. Her personal experiences in the venue industry (behind the scenes and on the front lines) make her an incredibly trustworthy source of advice. She has given us invaluable guidance and tangible tools and resources to move our plans forward successfully. I would personally recommend Kristen with Event Sales Pro to anyone seeking honest business guidance for the viability and success of their new or existing venue. Her work ethic is truly impressive and she is a secret weapon on your business team!"

Emily Bishop
Venue Owner of Bishop Venues in Graham, NC

"When we were creating our wedding venue business, I hired Kristen to coach me and wrap my head around so many elements, especially as we added bar service. She set us up for success, gave me some great sales training and coached me on how to communicate better with clients. She brought so much wisdom and experience to the conversations, gave me the help I needed, and I'm so grateful!"

Joel Phillips
Venue Owner of White Willow Farms in Arcadia, IN


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