Would you like to learn how to Make Money Off the Bar? 


Would you like to learn how to start a Bar Profit Center at your Venue?

Are you wondering how to Package, Price and Sell your Bar Packages?

Concerned about Where to Start with Insurance, Licensing Contract Policies & Equipment for Your Venue's Bar?

I help venue owners like you increase your sales by creating Value-Based Offers through Sales, Marketing & Operations Strategy that increase their profits and attract better clients.

I help venue owners like you increase your sales by creating Value-Based Offers through Sales, Marketing & Operations Strategy that increase their profits and attract better clients.

  • Feeling like you have all the RISK and no reward when it comes to alcohol being served at your Venue?


  • Worrying about if the caterer or bartending service will over serve or break the law at your Venue?


  • Competitors earning money off the bar while you are leaving that money on the table?


  • Your venue rental fees not covering the additional staff and repairs that are needed so you can take a BREAK?! 


  • Are you tired of giving tours to couples who are lookers not bookers?


  • Are you overwhelmed with client questions that keep you tied to your computer and phone?


  • Are you looking for a way to increase your profits by adding or improving food and/or beverage service to your offer?


  • Are you booking the wrong clients that create for less money?


  • You earn MORE money off the Bar next year than you do on your Venue Rental! 


  • You go into every event confident that your bar service is served safely and professionally. 


  • Your Clients book the venue faster with more incentives than ever before because of NEW perceived value from the Bar!  


  • Your Venue is able to afford more staff and more upgrades to allow for growth like you have never seen all because you decided to take control of your Venue's Bar! 
“Kristen Leen has been an invaluable source of advice for my venue over the years. She has assisted when issues have arisen with unhappy clients, helped facilitate vendor relationships, giving advice on Covid-19 policies and best practices, and advised me on appropriate pricing structures for our area and venue. Her vast knowledge of the industry never ceases to amaze me and has helped both my company and me personally to grow.”

- Amanda Peoples, Venue Owner at Walnut Hill

“We are a brand new wedding and event venue that started taking bookings in February 2021 (Yes! Right before COVID) Thankfully months before then, I had reached out to Kristen to assist me with preparing our packages and various documents for our business. The wisdom and knowledge I was able to glean from her during those sessions is one of the reasons I believe we were able to thrive during one of the greatest pandemics to hit our country. She was thorough, organized, prepared, and purposeful in all of our sessions. She prepared me, and our startup business, for success and since taking bookings in February 2021, we have booked over 45 weddings. I am very thankful for every session with Kristen and you will be too!”

- Karen Hornsby, Venue Owner at The Majestic Oaks

“Kristen was wonderful to work with! She was hands-on and answered our questions promptly. Understanding how to utilize a Market Research study properly was a much-needed tool we didn't know we needed. Her explanations were concise and easy to apply. Looking the other way will not get you more bookings!

~ Patti Emanuel, Venue Owner at Emery's Buffalo Creek

An Event Sales Professional with over 16 years of sales experience

Eleven of those in weddings & event sales. I have managed three venues and helped many more venue owners increase their revenue and structure their business so they feel more organized in the chaos of this industry! In the beginning we all run around giving so many tours, spending all the marketing dollars we can and doing any event that will fill a date. This leads to getting burned out and wondering if this really was a good investment after looking at the bottom line. But there is a better way! I want to help venue owners take back their business by creating structure and cash flow so that they enjoy their clients and the events they host at their gorgeous properties.

  • This is for you if you are ready to make your Venue more profitable than it has ever been before! 


  • This is for you if you are ready to learn a simple new skill and get your hands a little bit dirty opening some heavy cases of wine! 


  • This is for you if you want to learn how to maximize your venue's revenue potential! 


  • This is for you if you want to gain back control over the biggest liability to your business and earn a huge profit while doing so! 
This is for me!

What's Included?

In this Course: "Making Money Off the Bar: How to Start a Bar Profit Center at Your Venue" You receive these templates & I walk you through the two modules below to show you step by step how to start a Bar Program at your Venue! 

  • Alcohol Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Soft Beverage & Mixer Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Event Inventory Pull Sheet
  • Bar Equipment List with Resource Links
  • Sample Bar Menu 
  • Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes
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Are you ready to learn how to Make Money Off the Bar?


Are you ready to create new profit centers for your business? 


Are you ready to protect your venue better than ever before?


Are you ready to learn new ways to make money at your venue & improve your bottom line?

I am ready as you are!
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